Community Development Projects

We deliver employment and training services through the Australian Government’s Community Development Programme.

The Community Development Programme (CDP) was previously called Remote Jobs and Communities Programme (RJCP) and is funded by the Commonwealth government. The current contract ends on 30 June 2018. CDP is focussed on employment services and job placement, motivating and supporting jobseekers through a framework of engagement and compliance. The programme comprises jobseeker activities, training, and pre- and post-placement support services.

CDP Papunya clean up

Ngurratjuta is the CDP provider for the Far West Alice Region, which includes the communities of Haasts Bluff, Papunya, Mount Liebig, Kintore and Nyirripi, as well as outstations such as Mbunghara and Warren Creek. This is a remote region with limited infrastructure, mainly dirt roads and mobile coverage only in Papunya. The total caseload for this region fluctuates around 500 participants. Note that individuals have varying mutual obligation requirements and not all of these participants are required to attend work for the dole activities.

Wherever possible, Ngurratjuta CDP partners with other community organisations and services to deliver locally-focused projects. Previous projects include community clean-up competitions, tree planting, aluminium can and plastic container recycling, developing a men’s area at an art centre, building tables from recycled doors, screening off a morgue through innovative fencing, installing seating at a church, painting a recreation hall, cleaning out an abandoned building, and supporting an aged care service with infrastructure maintenance and development.

CDP working

Ngurratjuta CDP has also worked with training organisations to support the remote delivery of Learner Driver Training, Drink Driving Courses, White Card, First Aid, Leadership Training, Forklift and Tractor Operations, Cert I in Foundation Studies, Cert II in Construction Pathways, and Cert I/II in Community Services. Ngurratjuta reviews training needs on a regular, including requests from employers and local industries.

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For more information visit the Australian Government’s CDP website.