Desert Funerals

Creating a safe and affordable space for Central Australians to rest their loved ones

Desert Funerals is a culturally sensitive and not-for-profit funeral service created as a joint venture between Ngurratjuta/Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation and Centrecorp Aboriginal Investment Corporation.

Both Ngurratjuta and Centrecorp have witnessed the impact of funeral costs on Aboriginal families in Central Australia, with both organisations providing significant time and money helping families cover the costs of funerals.  Funeral costs often contribute to a never-ending cycle of financial burden for Aboriginal people in Central Australia.

Desert Funerals aims to deliver significant  positive  change and dignity to  the  lives,  and deaths, of Aboriginal people in Central Australia through providing a compassionate not-for-profit service for families during their time of need, rather than creating a significant financial impost which continues to impact families into the future.

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