Board Structure

The Ngurratjuta Board of Representatives was established in 1985, consisting of 14 members, three of which are Executive representatives.

There are about 70 member communities, many of which are small Outstations. The member communities are Hermannsburg, Wallace Rockhole, Areyonga, Haasts Bluff, Papunya, Jay Creek, Mt Liebig and all the Outstations located in the Board area, including the small communities in the Kings Canyon area.

The Executive Committee consists of three members and was formed to provide a conduit between between Ngurratjuta Board Members and the CEO. The Executive Committee and the CEO meet on a regular basis, with the full Board assembled quarterly.


The Current Executive Committee

  • Sid Anderson, Chairperson
  • Marilyn Armstrong, Deputy Chairperson
  • Conrad Ratara, Secretary

The Current Board

  • Ruth Cook, Hermannsburg East
  • Clinton Spencer, Hermannsburg West
  • Owen Sandy, Papunya Outstation
  • Neil Peterson, Mount Liebig
  • Roderick Kantamarra, Mount Liebig Outstation
  • Terry Abbott, Wallace Rockhole
  • Bruce Braedon, Kings Canyon
  • Serena Williams, Hermannsburg
  • Suparkra Tjugadai, Haasts Bluff
  • Douglas Multa, Haasts Bluff Outstation
  • Vacant, Areyonga